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These three books are available now on Kindle, Ipad and other ebook readers
Schoolboy into war: Book 1- the Novel: This graphically written novel tells of the one man's experiences on the Western front in World War I. It is written with vivid force by a man who was really there. During four intense years he grew up. He changed from an idealistic but ill-informed schoolboy to a man determined that the lessons of the war should be learned.  He saw action at the Somme and Paschendale, wounded three times, he saw life in military hospitals, and at home on leave experienced the misunderstading of those at home in an English village.  (The village is based very much on Abbots Langley, a village in Hertfordshire, England.)

Schoolboy into war: Book 2- the Autobiography: Ths was written when the author was approaching 80. He fought on the Western front, was wounded three times, and ended catching Spanish 'flu.  By 80 he had absorbed and reconciled himself to the war experiences and had lived through the terrible disappointment of another world war.

This is a mature view of the war. It is surprisingly forgiving of the mistakes made by the politicians and generals.  But H E L Mellersh still retains the hope  that we should understand the reality of the experience of war and take the lessons from it.  Only by understanding war can we hope to avoid it.  This book will add much to your understanding of the first world war.

Poet into War: A life of Siegfrieed Sassoon: The last lines of Sassoon's poem “The General” read “He's a cheery old card, muttered harry to Jack/ As they trudged up to Aras with rifle and pack/ But he did for them both with his plan of attack”. 
Poems like this have made Siegfried Sassoon one of the best known of the World War I poets. Apart from his poetry, he is also famous for his protest against the war which was read out in parliament, his threat to refuse to fight any more, and his single-handed capture of a German trench for which he was awarded the Military Cross. Here is a short book on his astonishing life.

What makes this book unique and important is that it was written by a man who very similar war time experiences to Sassoon and fought close to the village of Fricourt on the Western Front where Sassoon also fought.

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